Interesting removal job

Beech tree is surrounded by house.
Beech tree surrounded by house
Album has lots of pictures.  If you look through them quickly it looks cool!

Another Big-tree Removal

We did another big-tree removal job yesterday.  This tree was a (catastrophic!) accident waiting to happen.  The owners have been aware of its condition, but had been reluctant to have it taken down, partly because of the expense.  But the last windstorm caused a big branch to fall near the house, and now they realized the job should not be put off any longer.

As much as I love trees, I wouldn’t want a monster in this condition towering over my house.


The tree had a large split from an old lightning strike


Some pretty big wood! Imagine the damage it could do.

We are very busy now.  The early spring weather is contributing to this, I’m sure.  And seeing all of the tree damage from the last few storms has caused a lot of people to move tree maintenance higher up on their priority lists.  And I’m no economist, but I know that an economic downturn is usually followed by lots of work for us.  There is always plenty of deferred maintenance to catch up on when spending confidence returns.  I’m hoping this is a good sign.

Slideshowmore photos of the removal job

Tree Removal

We removed a couple of big trees yesterday.  They were in a tight spot, with lots of obstacles.  But the right people and the right equipment really made the job easy.  Can you believe we got paid to have this much fun?