Mulch Madness Part II

I saw this mulch prep job in progress during my travels a couple of weeks ago.  It shows how NOT to mulch so perfectly, I could not resist sharing.

The landscapers have dug trenches around the trees and piled the soil they dug out up against the tree trunks.  Look at this pile!  You can see why we call them mulch volcanoes.

mulch volcano

Look at all the roots that were cut in the trenching process.

mulch volcano

mulch volcano

How could these guys not be aware that root injuries like this harm the tree?

mulch volcano

mulch volcano

Maybe it’s almost time to remove those stakes?

mulch volcano

Well, you can’t fault them on thoroughness – look, they’re mulching the dead tree!

mulch volcano

And here, they’ve even got the low branches covered!  That’s really extra effort!

mulch volcano

Ok, all this is incredible malpractice.  But some people, not knowing any better, think it looks nice.

If your landscape maintenance effort is really eye-catching, the neighbors might try to emulate it.  Here, the guy across the street apparently was inspired to mulch his pin oak.

mulch volcano

Unfortunately, the material he had available was old mortar and stucco!

Ok, I’m done complaining for a little while.  Next, I’ll show you how to do it right and why.

(go to March 19 for Mulch Madness Part I)

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