Mulch Madness is in full swing now!

Everywhere I go it seems that employees of the assembly-line landscape maintenance companies are doing their annual GROSS MALPRACTICE of piling soil and mulch against the tree trunks.

When these guys dig their little trenches to define the edge of the mulched area they cut and injure the trees roots.  Then, often, the soil that’s dug in the process gets piled on top of last years mulch.  Then they’ll cover it with more mulch.  In addition to the health problems caused by the mulch being in contact with the bark of the trunk, this is one of the primary causes of the growth of roots in a pattern that girdles and eventually kills these trees.

But may be you’re thinking “I see this going on everywhere.”  Maybe even at every house on your street.  So Warren must be full of crap, everybody besides him couldn’t possibly be wrong!  Well, if you don’t believe me, just Google the term mulch volcano and see what you come up with!  (mulch volcano is the derisive term used by knowledgeable people in the world of horticulture to describe this abomination.)


Since this is probably the biggest tree health problem I have to deal with, you will see MUCH MORE on this subject coming to this page.  Stay Tuned.