Update on Tomato Late Blight

It looks like I might not lose my remaining tomato plants.  Last Saturday – 1 week ago today – I removed and burned all of the plants that showed severe symptoms.  But most of the plants had some part that looked infected, and instead of destroying them I pruned out the bad parts.  I have been spraying with Daconil, and a week ago I started also using Agrifos – a fungicide containing potassium salts of phosphorous acid.  This is a material that can possibly be used by organic gardeners.  I have used Agrifos experimentally, along with a material to enable it to penetrate the bark, on trees, and just learned it’s registered for food crops also.  In the past week I have seen no spread of the late blight disease in  my garden.

Oh, and by the way, I got my first ripe tomatoes this week.  The earliest in the summer I can ever remember.  They are on the Rutgers’ Mortons that are advertised to be an early ripener.  I guess they are!

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